Neurodivergent workers and how they contribute to innovation

Neurodivergent workers can help businesses tackle innovation and productivity issues. This is after businesses begin to think about how they can improve innovation after a recent report has shown it’s at an all-time low globally.

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Neurodivergence describes people who understand and interact with the world in a different way

They have different strengths and weaknesses from people who aren’t neurodivergent.

Workers who are neurodivergent often can be linked with characteristics you see in people with autism, ADHD, and dyslexia.

Currently, these differing characteristics are regularly not appreciated in the working world. ONS data have found that only two in ten autistic individuals are employed. This shows how under-utilised this portion of the workforce is.

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    Neurodiverse individuals in the workplace

    Considering how low the workforce of neurodiverse individuals is, they can bring great value to a workplace.

    Neurodivergent strengths include great attention to detail, focused concentration, pattern recognition, spotting abnormalities in data, out-of-the-box thinking and loyalty to the company.

    It’s believed that businesses should hire more neurodiverse individuals so that these workers can enhance their strengths and drive value in the workplace.

    The most common neurological types such as dyslexia are visual learners. Which is unlike the usual working way of spreadsheets and heavy text documents. These workers work better with images and visual tools.

    Ultimately, it is creativity that has been found to improve innovation. Neurodivergent individuals work best like this, and it could suggest these workers are ideal to help drive innovation in the workforce.

    Another positive is that they interpret information in a unique way, allowing for a different perspective. Which could drive innovative projects.

    It is certain that businesses must recognise how neurodivergent individuals can drive innovation in the workplace. It’s a global issue that these workers’ talents are not being properly utilised.

    a Neurodivergent employee on her phone in a modern office

    The Global Innovation Index report

    Thoughts about utilising neurodivergent talent have come to light with the most recent release of the Global Innovation Index report. The productivity growth that is stated in this report is at its all-time lowest.

    This stunted growth in innovation and productivity could mean it’s time for businesses to look towards under-utilised talent and educate themselves on neurodiversity. And the abilities and innovation these individuals can bring to the workplace.

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    Employers Direct offers FREE HR Advice to businesses of all sizes, within any industry in the UK. Our qualified HR advisors are here to offer your business confidential, in-depth, actionable advice on any HR query or issue you may face.

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    Neurodivergent describes people whose brains work differently. It means they have different strengths and challenges than other people who aren’t neurodivergent.

    2 in 10 neurodivergent people are currently hired.

    The report annually ranks countries by their capacity for, and success in, innovation.


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