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The ACAS Code of Practice can be complex, so don’t navigate it alone.

The experience we have in providing advice based on ACAS code of practice makes us a great choice in solving employment issues. Whether you just need a second opinion or in-depth support, speak to our CIPD-qualified advisers. Because when you know you’re on the right side of UK employment law, you’ll have the confidence to move forwards.

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With over 35 years of experience in offering free employment law advice based on the ACAS code, we’ve built a reputation for unrivaled service. With fast response times and our out-of-hours service, you won’t have to sit on your staff problem and worry about it. Request your callback now, and a CIPD-qualified expert will be in touch.

And you won’t have generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ guidance – your adviser will listen to what you want to achieve. Unlike other employer helplines, your consultant will help you reach your ideal outcome. It’s why 28,5000 business owners trust us to navigate their HR concerns.

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Keeping you on the right side of ACAS guidelines

From grievances to holiday entitlement, your staff have certain statutory rights. And if you’re not an HR expert, these aren’t always easy to navigate, so don’t take that risk.

Make sure you’re in line with ACAS guidance by calling us today. Our advisers will guide you through any employee issue, including:

Zero Hours Contracts
Gross Misconduct
Maternity & Paternity
TUPE Transfers

Let our dedicated ACAS code-based helpline take the weight off your shoulders, find the best solution for you, and avoid an employment tribunal claim. Contact us today to tap into the vast knowledge we have in HR and employment law.

If you’re an employer in the UK, we’re here to help. Request your callback today and deal confidently with issues that could leave your business vulnerable. It’s fast, free, and totally confidential.

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ACAS-based support, for whatever you’re facing…

Unfair dismissal

Need to dismiss an employee? When you follow Acas guidance, you reduce the risk of costly pay-outs and lengthy legal battles. Call today and learn how.

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If an employee is accusing you of discrimination, you need to act – fast. Speak to our legal advisers to discover how to protect your business against costly claims.

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Breach of contract

Do you have a former employer looking to make a claim of unfair dismissal against you? We’re on hand to help you step by step in finding the best solution for both parties. Contact us now for more information on how we assist.

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Don’t let a harassment claim damage your reputation. Whether your employee is accusing you or a co-worker, plan your next steps with ACAS-based advice.

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Without intervention, workplace bullying can quickly spiral into a legal case. See how you can protect your staff – and business – by calling our legal advisers today.

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The first step towards protecting your business

Don’t let your HR concern spiral into a legal risk. Our expert-led, 24/7 helpline will guide you through any staff management problem you may face.

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Your questions, answered

We’re here to answer any questions you might have with expert ease. Nothing is too much of an ask at Employers Direct, check a few examples below.

The Acas Code of Practice sets out essential legal requirements for how to handle employee matters. When you follow this guidance, you protect your business against tribunal pay-outs. If you’re unsure whether you’re acting within Acas guidelines, give us a call.

Unlike other helplines, we aim to provide ACAS-based advice that’s specific to your business. Your adviser will work with you to help you reach your ideal outcome – within the right legal guidelines. Because we’re an employer-only service, we always prioritise your exact business needs.

It’s why we’re the most-trusted helpline for businesses in the UK. Get your free, expert ACAS code-based advice on 0800 144 4050.

You can request a callback and leave details about your situation. A CIPD-qualified adviser will be in touch shortly to help you. Or, you can call for instant advice on 0800 144 4050.

Unlimited peace of mind, at no cost

Located in the heart of Manchester, Employers Direct is a team dedicated to your Employment Law or HR requirements. Available 24/7, our free advice service is second to none. Whether you simply require some assistance with a dispute or full representation in a tribunal, we are here to cater to your needs.

35 years. 28,500 satisfied employers. And over 100,000 resolved staff issues – that’s our record, and it continues to grow.

So, why do business owners keep returning to Employers Direct? With our fast turnaround and practical guidance, it couldn’t be easier to take the risk out of HR issues. And since you can call as many times as you like – for free –  it doesn’t cost a thing to rid yourself of risk and worry.


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