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By: Maria Holt

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Here to help you make sense of holiday pay

Under EU law, full time workers are entitled to four weeks’ holiday pay each year. Whilst this works as a general rule, there are variations around it that can cause some confusion. For instance, some companies include Bank Holidays within that period, part time workers qualify on a pro-rata basis and self employed receive no entitlement at all. And when an employee leaves, they may owe – or be owed – holiday pay, depending on their leaving date.

Getting holiday pay right for your company and your workforce

The British Government traditionally interpreted EU law on paid holiday around ‘basic pay’. That is to say, holiday pay didn’t account for commission or overtime. However, following an Employment Appeal Tribunal, this approach was judged not in line with the European Working Time Directive. As a result, overall remuneration now has to be taken into account when calculating holiday pay for your workforce.

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With ever changing legislation, it’s hard to keep up on the right way to calculate holiday pay for your workforce. That’s why more and more companies rely on Employers Direct. We’ve more than 35 years’ experience when it comes to looking after companies just like yours throughout the UK. You can trust our fully qualified advisors for practical guidance that always takes into account the very latest rules and regulations governing holiday pay.

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