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Your staff are protected by stacks of statutory laws. But there are none to protect you. The second your employee raises a dispute or complaint against you, you’re already at a disadvantage. And if you don’t act within complex employment law rules, you leave your business open to risk. That’s why it’s essential you follow the correct HR procedures, set out by UK law.

Get the confidence you’re in the clear by calling us today. Whether you need a second opinion or in-depth legal advice, our experts will safely guide you through your employee situation – for free.

As a UK-based team, you can feel secure knowing that you’re speaking with a qualified employment law expert who has your business’s best interests at heart. You won’t hear any confusing jargon, either. Instead, we make sure you understand the exact steps you need to take to solve the issue without making a legal mistake. That’s why we should be your first port of call for instant support in handling any harassment claims that may be raised by your employees. Work with us to find the best solution to any HR issues you have.

Based on the ACAS code of practice, the advice we give will allow you to solve any issues and avoid them being taken any further. Contact one of our team on 0800 144 4050 for 100% confidential advice.


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When you own a business, you’re responsible for making sure it’s legally compliant. And when you handle HR alone, that’s a big responsibility. So, offload your concerns to us.

Our employment law experts are CIPD-qualified, with vast experience in matters like conflict, discrimination, gross misconduct, and tribunals. They’ll rid you of doubt, stress, and risk – helping you move on with your day.

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Zero Hours Contracts
Gross Misconduct
Maternity & Paternity
TUPE Transfers

Let our dedicated employer helpline take the weight off your shoulders, find the best solution for you, and avoid an employment tribunal claim and reputational damage. With over 30 years of experience in providing exceptional employment law advice, our reputation is unrivaled. Our qualified team is on hand to help you solve any HR issues you may be facing; no problem is too big or small for us.

When you’re facing any staff issue, rely on our employment law specialists. It’s the easiest way to get instant answers to your biggest employment law questions.

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Unfair dismissal

Need to dismiss an employee? When you follow Acas guidance, you reduce the risk of costly pay-outs and lengthy legal battles. Call today and learn how.

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If an employee is accusing you of discrimination, you need to act – fast. Speak to our legal advisers to discover how to protect your business against costly claims.

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Breach of contract

When an employee claims you’ve breached their contract, it’s a serious matter. But with Employers Direct, you’ll find the safest route forwards with expert advice.

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Don’t let a harassment claim damage your reputation. Whether your employee is accusing you or a co-worker, plan your next steps with employment law advice.

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Without intervention, workplace bullying can quickly spiral into a legal case. See how you can protect your staff – and business – by calling our legal advisers today.

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We have years of experience in advising on HR issues and employment disputes.

Don’t let your HR concern spiral into a legal risk. Request your callback today and discover the safest way to put that employment law issue behind you.

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We’re here to answer any questions you might have with expert ease. Nothing is too much of an ask at Employers Direct, check a few examples below.

The first thing you should do is make sure you’ve followed Acas Code of Practice. Doing this should protect you from pay-outs if your employee takes you to tribunal. Before going to tribunal, you’ll need to try to settle the dispute using the early conciliation process.

To learn more about this, call 0800 144 4050.

Employers Direct advisers are CIPD-qualified and follow Acas-based guidance at all times. They’ll work with you to find a resolution that suits your business – within UK employment law rules. Don’t forget, it’s completely free and confidential.

Unlike speaking to a solicitor, you won’t pay any hourly rates. In fact, you won’t pay anything at all –Employers Direct is a free-to-use tool. And you can use it as often as you like.

So if you need urgent advice on any staff matter, save time, risk, and money by calling us on <a class=”rulerphone” href=”tel:08001444050″><strong>0800 144 4050</strong></a>.

To protect your business against tribunal claims, it’s essential your staff have the correct statutory rights, and you follow ACAS guidance at all times. You can make sure you’re doing right by your employees by calling us on <a class=”rulerphone” href=”tel:08001444050″><strong>0800 144 4050</strong></a>.

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For over 35 years, we’ve guided business owners through their toughest HR challenges. And we can do the same for you. You won’t need to decode any employment law jargon. With Employers Direct, you’ll speak a friendly specialist who does that for you.

They’ll equip you with practical guidance for your exact situation. So, don’t go elsewhere – call now for free employment law advice that’s specific to your business

Located in the heart of Manchester, Employers Direct is a team dedicated to your Employment Law or HR requirements. Available 24/7, our free advice service is second to none. Whether you simply require some assistance with a dispute or full representation in a tribunal, we are here to cater to your needs.

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