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By: Maria Holt

TUPE is the most difficult area of employment law.

So when you transfer a business or a contract, you need to get professional legal advice. But did you know that you don’t need to pay for it?

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Call us with any TUPE question, including:

  • Which of my employees will transfer?
  • Will my employees be safe from redundancy during TUPE?
  • Should I make redundancies during TUPE?
  • What information do I need to pass over during the transfer?
  • What if my employees refuse TUPE?
  • Can I change contract T&Cs?
  • What do I do about staff on paternity, maternity or sick leave during TUPE?
  • Do I need to consult my employees during TUPE?
  • How long does TUPE apply?
  • And much more…

Whatever size your business. Whether you’re selling or buying. Whether you’ve just started TUPE or are coming to the end of it. Call Employers Direct and get the answers you need in minutes.

Here’s why thousands of UK businesses trust Employers Direct with TUPE…

TUPE is important. It protects your employees’ rights. But managing it on your own is time consuming and expensive. Get any part wrong—which is easy to do—and you risk being taken to a tribunal.

Don’t let the law be a burden. Speak to an Employers Direct expert today.

Our friendly team of legal experts listen carefully. Then we give you instant advice on how to manage a quick, safe and hassle-free business transfer. Our advice is always FREE, and only for employers—like you.

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