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By: Maria Holt

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Free expert advice on all aspects of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is now just a phone call away. Fully qualified HR specialists from Employers Direct are on hand to make sure you’re equipped to deal with every aspect of this important legislation. Paid by an employer to staff too ill to work, Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is an area that’s often open to abuse. Thankfully, one call to Employers Direct minimises that risk.

Guiding you through Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) law step-by-step

Whilst all companies have to offer Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), not all employees qualify. For a start, you need to be paying Class 1 National Insurance Contributions on their behalf; they need to have been too ill to work for at least 4 days; an occupational sick pay scheme isn’t already in place, and you were made aware of their inability to work within a set time limit. All of these criteria have to be met before Statutory Sick Pay(SSP) is triggered.

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To prevent misunderstandings over Statutory Sick Pay, Employers Direct is on hand to help you put in place effective procedures from day one – so everyone knows where they stand. This reduces the risk of employers becoming too heavy handed over sickness days and employees taking advantage of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) legislation. By helping you tread the path in-between, you can avoid the risk of unnecessary tribunals and do the right thing by your staff.

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