By: Maria Holt

Worried about how coronavirus will hit your bottom line? Act fast with expert advice on how to lay-off staff.

A lay-off is a temporary measure where you ask employees to stay home or take unpaid leave.

No one wants to be laid off. But sometimes it’s the only way to protect your business—and your people’s jobs…

Find out how to make temporary lay-offs, without breaking the law. Call our FREE advice line to learn:

  • Whether your employment contracts allow you to make temporary lay-offs
  • How to write contracts that let you lay-off staff during times of crisis
  • What to pay staff while they’re laid off
  • How long you can lay-off staff before they can claim redundancy payments

Laying-off staff to protect your business

There’s no doubt that UK businesses face a challenging time. But you can protect your livelihood by preparing now. And we’re here to help.

For more than 30 years, Employers Direct has supported UK employers to overcome their toughest business challenges.

And while we can’t give you medical advice on coronavirus, we can give you the best level of HR and employment law support to help you withstand the worst.

Call Employers Direct today to speak with a workplace coranavirus HR specialist on 0800 144 4050.