Staff Holiday Advice for Employers

By: Maria Holt

Free advice for employers on staff holidays, from the employment law experts

Managing holiday entitlement and pay can be a complex issue for many businesses. How much holiday are employees entitled to? What about maternity, paternity and sick leave? And what length of holiday notice should an employee give you? Thankfully, trusted free advice for employers is available from Employers Direct, the experts in employment law.

Qualified professionals at your service

Countless companies rely on our qualified professionals for effective employers holiday advice that provides clear, easy to follow guidelines. With over 30 years experience advising companies large and small, we’re able to provide accurate and up-to-date employer help on staff holidays.

For instance, did you know your staff are entitled to a minimum paid holiday entitlement of 5.6 weeks a year? Or that the European Court of Justice has ruled workers on sick leave, for most or all of their holiday entitlement, are still due paid holidays? The law surrounding staff holidays can be difficult to navigate without expert help on your side – and mistakes can prove costly for your business.

Here to guide you every step of the way

As the experts in employer holiday advice, however, Employers Direct is qualified to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you’re well prepared for any eventuality. We can help put in place employment contracts that clearly stipulate every aspect of staff holidays entitlement. From those times holidays can’t be taken to minimum holiday notice required and your right to refuse holidays, Employers Direct can make sure you have every eventuality covered.

With a huge amount of employment law experience, you can trust our free advice for employers to prepare you for any situation that may arise. That’s the Employers Direct promise.

To get your free holiday advice for employers, call Employers Direct now on 0800 144 4050.

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