Settlement Agreement Advice for Employers

By: Maria Holt

Make sure Settlement Agreements guard your company’s wellbeing

When it comes to ending a contract of employment, a Settlement Agreement offers a legally binding way to resolve things on agreed terms. Whilst ensuring an employee is treated fairly, Settlement Agreements also protect your company against any future claims. Making sure Settlement Agreements are correctly drawn up is, therefore, essential to your company’s wellbeing.

Use our expert knowledge to get the most from Settlement Agreements

Although Settlement Agreements are strictly governed by UK law, it’s vital your interests are well represented in any final contract. For instance, you may need to safeguard against the poaching of staff and clients. You also should ensure no further claims are made against your company after the Settlement Agreement has been signed. What’s more, you should be aware of the tax implications of any compensation payout.


Count on Employers Direct for specialist help with Settlement Agreements

With employment law constantly changing, more and more directors and business owners turn to Employers Direct for expert help with Settlement Agreements. Using latest Acas guidelines, we work with you to ensure any Settlement Agreements are carried out with your company’s interests firmly in mind.

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  • Ensure employees are compensated according to the law
  • Protect your company against future claims