What you need to change for the Pension Reform

By: Maria Holt

With the biggest pension reforms for decades about to impact on UK businesses, you need to be prepared to take your part in it. Thankfully, at Employers Direct, our qualified specialists are on hand to provide all the help you need when it comes to getting to grips with compulsory workplace pensions…

Find out how pension reforms affect your employee contracts

We’re here to help you implement the changes brought about by pension reforms into the contract of every single qualifying employee. As one of the UK’s leading specialists in contract and employment law, we’re ideally placed to help you identify those employees and ensure their contracts meet all the necessary new legal requirements.

Make sure you’re ready for auto-enrolment under new pension reforms

The date for auto-enrolment under new pension reforms depends on the size of your workforce, with the staging date for some companies as early as October 2012. Under auto-enrolment, you’re duty bound to have a qualifying pension scheme in place. We’re here to help make sure you meet your legal obligations and advise on ways of meeting the cost.
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