Mediation Advice and Assistance for Employers

By: Maria Holt

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Disputes can occur in any business whether it is big or small and with that in mind it is very important that you have in place watertight HR policies and procedures that dictate to both parties their individual rights. However what happens when both the employer and the employee are in dispute? This is where you need to apply mediation.

Mediation is an informal process that involves two or more parties in dispute. The aim is to bring the both parties together and enter into conversation to find common ground and to resolve the issues and differences. It can open up honest and frank discussion which may be beneficial to both parties going forward and on advice taken on-board and implemented within a business can ensure such a dispute never reoccurs.

Most of the time conflict will be negative. If an issue is not dealt with from an early stage then the situation can escalate, this not only causes negativity but may also have an impact on workplace productivity.

How can mediation help?

Mediation can, however, work alongside other workplace procedures. For example, it is not always necessary to complete a grievance procedure before mediation is used, if mediation will aid the situation. Alternatively, mediation may be suggested in an outcome to a grievance procedure.

A mediator is there to facilitate the process of organising for the ‘parties’ i.e. the employees in dispute, to work with them to come together and to provide an environment in which both feel safe and where meaningful conversation between both parties can take place.

The mediator will adopt methods intended to enhance the communication between the parties. The aim of the mediation is for a written agreement or action plan to be formulated by the parties, which covers future behaviour enabling both parties to have an improved working relationship.

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