24/7 COVID-19 Job Support Scheme Advice

By: Maria Holt

The government has launched a new Job Support Scheme to help you pay your workers once the furlough scheme ends.

From 1st November, you can give your staff shorter working hours and claim funding for a chunk of their wages.

But it’s still unclear who, when and how you can apply. Or even if the new grants are enough to benefit your business…

Help is here with expert advice from Employers Direct, the free legal support service for UK business owners. Call now for instant answers to your Job Support Scheme questions, like:

  • Am I eligible for the new government grants?
  • Which employees can I claim funding for?
  • How can I successfully apply for the scheme?
  • Are there any other ways I can cut my staff costs?

To get your fast, free advice, call Employers Direct now on 0800 144 4050.

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