FREE Advice on Gardening Leave for Employers

By: Maria Holt

Want to put workers on gardening leave? Get the law right with FREE business advice.

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  • What to do if your worker breaks their contract

Here to help you get gardening leave right

When your employee resigns, you can put them on gardening leave and stop them from coming to work.

You agree to pay your employee until their notice period ends. They’re still under contract with you and can’t work for anyone else during that time.

Paying your worker to sit out their notice period prevents them from taking your sensitive commercial information (and your clients) to a competitor.

But if you’re not careful, your gardening leave agreement may not be effective. And you could even end up breaking the law.

If you’re negotiating gardening leave or if a worker has broken their promise, contact Employers Direct today.

Our employment law experts give you FREE advice on how to set up gardening leave and write a watertight letter to tell your worker the rules that he or she has to follow. And we’ll help you crack down on rogue staff, too.

Gardening leave risks, in plain English

Gardening leave rules are confusing. And if you get them wrong, you risk a costly tribunal and a hefty fine.

The good news is you don’t need to spend £450 per hour on a solicitor to write or enforce your garden leave agreements.

Call Employers Direct instead. We help remove your gardening leave risks and protect your business. And we do it for FREE. That’s why 28,500 clients nationwide trust us for employment law advice.

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