24/7 Employment Law Support For UK Employers

By: Hayley Orchard

For instant staff management answers, speak with the top advisory body for UK businesses: Employers Direct.

We only help employers like you, so you know that our ACAS-based HR and employment law advice has your best interests at heart.

Because if you’re unfortunate enough to face a tribunal claim and you haven’t followed ACAS guidelines, you’re at risk of a major fine—with an extra 25% slapped on top. Our support keeps you safe from that…

So even if you only have a small issue, use Employers Direct’s ACAS-based advice to fix it today before it becomes a pricier problem tomorrow. Call free on 0800 144 4050.

Support based on the ACAS Code of Practice

One call to our 24-hour advice line puts you through to a qualified HR and employment law adviser. You get fast advice to use straight away and solve your staff management problems. And if it’s an emergency?

You can book one of our nationwide experts to visit you—even on the same day if we’re nearby (we most likely will be, too).

So, whether you have an employee with a bad attitude, or if someone’s always off sick and you don’t believe them, or maybe it’s time to make redundancies, Employers Direct shows you the right way to deal with it.

Five reasons to use Employers Direct

  1. One call with us is quicker than trawling through thousands of pages on the ACAS website.
  2. Our advice is clearer—we speak your language, the language of a small business owner. There’s no jargon, just simple support to keep you and your business safe.
  3. Your call is never sent to distant lands. We’re UK-based, we’re UK employment law experts… and we’re proud of it.
  4. We only help employers like you.
  5. Best of all, our helpline is FREE. Call as often as you need, we’re here 24 hours a day, every day, ready to help you.


Can you see why we’ve spent almost four decades as the business world’s most trusted advisory body? Speak with us and see for yourself.

Get free advice based on the ACAS Code of Practice. Call Employers Direct now on 0800 144 4050