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By: Maria Holt

Facing a staff management problem that needs solving fast? You’re in the right place…

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One conversation means you won’t have to struggle on alone, and we’ll help reduce the risks to your livelihood. Plus, a call to us is cheaper than forking out at least £250 an hour in fees to your local law firm. And the best part?

You can put our expert advice to good use straight away and feel confident you’re on the right side of the law.

Support for business owners only

Employers Direct is an advisory body to small businesses in the UK, so we only offer support to employers and business owners like you.

When you speak with our UK-based team of employment law experts, you get jargon-free insights based on the ACAS Code of practice.

And with no hidden fees and no obligation, it’s no wonder that Employers Direct has been the UK’s best small business adviser for more than 35 years.

Complete employment law advice

Do you have someone who’s always off sick and want to know what to do about it? Just ask. Need to know how to calculate maternity pay? We’re here. And if you’re ready to brave the world of making redundancies… let us guide you through it safely.

So, from dealing with everyday issues such as staff who can’t get along to life-changing events like accommodating a newly disabled worker, Employers Direct has the answers. Think of it this way:

Free advice today prevents major problems tomorrow.

For expert employment law support based on the ACAS Code of Practice, call us free on 0800 144 4050