Employer Insurance Advice from the Experts

By: Hayley Orchard

Protect your business with employer insurance cover

Employer insurance protects your company from costs which can result from legal action taken against you. Our cover offers a generous upper limit for one-off actions throughout the policy year.

If your business had to pay out for unfair dismissal, would it survive? Could you afford to defend a health and safety prosecution? At Employers Direct, we realise these are genuine concerns for company owners and directors. Which is why we offer specialised insurance cover.

We take care of your employment law needs

Our free 24-hour service provides all the information you need on financial protection for your company. Employer insurance cover from Employers Direct insures you against most awards made to claimants. This includes payments made as a result of unlawful discrimination cases, health and safety claims and unlawful dismissal action, as well as our costs for managing a tribunal on your behalf.

Put our years of experience to work for your business

We’ve been helping companies navigate employment law for over 30 years, providing professional guidance, support and advice along the way. Employment law insurance for employers is another example of how we take the weight off your shoulders so you can get on with running your business.

To find out more about employers insurance cover, call Employers Direct now on 0800 144 4050.

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