Employees Walking Out Advice

By: Chris Callaghan

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Minimise the damage caused by employees walking out

An employee walking out on the job opens up several issues which, as an employer, you must know how to deal with. Whilst leaving their post may seem to be an act of resignation, the matter doesn’t end there. Contractually you may still be obliged to meet terms of employment, pay and holiday entitlement. Whilst employees walking out may seem to be an end of your relationship, in reality there are still some important loose ends that need tying up.

Employees walking out need to be dealt with according to employment law

Some things to consider when dealing with employees walking out include sending a letter requesting an interview within seven days of them leaving; clarifying whether they are still in the probationary period of their contract; and calculating whether you owe them money – or whether it’s the other way round, due to holidays taken up that period in the year. All of these things need to be considered before any dismissal takes place in order to protect you business against any future tribunal claims.

When employees walk out, it pays to have the experts on your side

With over 30 years’ experience dealing with all sorts of employment and HR situations – including employees walking out – Employers Direct have the skills and know-how to help guide your business through difficult situations. Our expert team of advisors is on hand around the clock to provide you with all the help and advice you need to get the right result for your business.

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