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By: Hayley Orchard

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An employee grievance can come about for any number of reasons, ranging from terms and conditions of employment through to health & safety and discrimination. When it happens, both parties need to try and settle the issue informally and as soon as possible. If, however, an informal approach doesn’t work, then a set procedure needs to be followed in order to reach an agreed outcome.

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Our Employment Law experts are on hand to ensure that you have a proper employee grievances procedure up and running. Amongst other key issues, the procedure will cover who the employee must contact with a grievance and how to do so. It also explains how a grievance hearing will be held if an informal approach fails and what the time limits are on this process. Besides giving you a framework for action, this allows you to deal with employee grievances objectively, fairly and consistently.

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With more than 30 years experience looking after countless companies throughout the UK, you can trust us to deliver an effective employee grievances policy. With our team managing employee grievances for you, you also have more time to dedicate to your business. Using the latest Acas guidelines, you can be sure that our service is always up to date and in line with current employment legislation.

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