Compromise Agreements For Employers

By: Maria Holt

Get the most out of a Compromise Agreement

To make sure a contract of employment is terminated in a legally binding way, many companies choose to enter into a Compromise Agreement. This ensures the contract ends on mutually agreeable terms, with the member of staff surrendering employment rights in return for a negotiated redundancy package.

Make sure a Compromise Agreement prevents further legal action

One of the main reasons employers choose a Compromise Agreement is to prevent any later legal challenges from the member of staff being made redundant. To ensure this happens, you need qualified experts on your side who can guide and advise you through the entire Compromise Agreement process.

Use a Compromise Agreement to prevent damage to your company

As part of a Compromise Agreement, you can also safeguard against the poaching of clients and other staff. What’s more, if a member of staff has left over a grievance, you may want to insert a clause into a Compromise Agreement preventing them from slandering your company. Our specialist advisers are also on hand to guide you on the tax implications of any agreed severance payout under the terms of the Compromise Agreement.

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  • Prevent future complaints at tribunal
  • Ensure clients and staff are not poached
  • Follow the correct process and avoid legal challenges