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Three HR questions you shouldn’t lose sleep over

We’ve all been there. Trying to doze off after a long day when you’re hit with a niggling question you need an answer to. And you can’t go back to sleep until you know the answer. If it’s an HR or employment law question keeping you awake, you’re in luck. Because you’ve got a team of 24/7 employment law experts to put your mind at ease. This month, three different employers called between... Read More

Stop dwelling on staff pay questions: it’s time for answers

On average, small businesses like yours spend 24% of their annual budget on their staff. Which is why, as a business owner, you need to get staff pay right. Because if you don’t, you could find yourself with a fine or on the government’s naming and shaming list. But what happens when a pay-related question crops up and your employee is looking to you for the answer? You could fob them ... Read More

Turn your HR questions into answers… fast

What’s the one thing you never have enough of? Time. Time to keep your business ticking over. Time to keep your customers happy. And time to manage your HR issues. You’re not alone, that’s why business owners come to us for expert HR advice. Last month, we gave three different employers fast (and free) answers to staff-related questions they didn’t have time to handle. Here’s what they as... Read More

Your HR Questions Answered

What do you do when you’re faced with HR questions from your staff that make you draw a blank? You could struggle on your own (and maybe get it wrong), or you could Read More

Your HR problems: solved

Breaking down your business’s HR problems You’re the boss, so you need to handle HR and employment law problems in your business quickly. But sometimes, a people-related problem at work can leave you stumped. Don’t worry. You can phone someone who’ll know the answer every time, all you have to do is Read More

Manager problems: in their own words

You know it so well: every day in business brings new challenges. And to survive, you have to overcome them. After all, your company is your calling. So every decision counts. You solve problems. You make big decisions. And you make them in a split second. Because results matter. Always. But what about when you can’t fix a problem like managing difficult staff? The best employers... Read More

Sick pay, expired visa, and sickness absence

If my employee’s visa runs out, can I dismiss him?

It’s against the law to employ someone who doesn’t have the right to work in the UK. So if the UK Border Agency doesn’t renew your employee’s visa, you have to dismiss him. If you don’t, you could face criminal charges. However, you still need to follow the correct procedures to make sure a tribunal doesn’t class t... Read More

Disciplinary process, theft, and employee who had stroke

My employee is back at work after a stroke. I’ve told him to take it easy but he’s ignoring me. What can I do?

Your employee probably wants to put his illness behind him and get back to ‘normal’. While this is understandable, if he hasn’t fully recovered yet he might be putting himself, his colleagues and your customers at risk. And if he does cause an accident, yo... Read More