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Underperforming staff

The top 3 employer tips you need to know this week:

How do I manage my underperforming employee?

First, it’s important to determine whether your employee’s underperformance is due to capability (can’t do the job) or conduct (won’t do it).

You can deal with the issue informally by asking if anything’s causing their poor work. But if there’s no improvement, hold a formal me... Read More

Redundancy & when staff become your competition

The employer advice you need to know this week:

I need to make five of my staff redundant. What do I do?

First, you must try to think of another way to continue without making redundancies. If not, can you make fewer than five?

When you have to make redundancies, make a detailed business plan setting out your plans. As you aim to make under 20 people redundant, you must c... Read More

Employer advice you need to know

My employee will be on maternity leave for this year’s bank holidays. Does she accrue holidays while she’s off?

She gets the same holiday leave as she would get while in work.

If she normally gets annual leave for bank holidays, don’t ignore it from holiday accruals while she’s on maternity leave or you risk facing a discrimination claim.

Can I change my staff’s terms an... Read More

Staff sickness, flexi-time, & ageism

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My employee, who has a minor disability, is off sick during his probation period. Can I dismiss him?

It depends on both his reason for being off sick and your reasons for wanting to dismiss him.

You have to be careful becau... Read More